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Few Captured Moments

Captured Moments

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The bootcamp for product leaders

PNCamp is for qualified Product startups only

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Customer Discovery Hacking

4th December 2013 (full-day)

Customer discovery hacking for early stage startups.

Participant Cohorts of 20-24 folks.

Getting razor sharp on getting paying customers.


Curator : Pallav Nadhani

Discovery Themes

  • Entrepreneurship is a 7 year haul

  • Picking your battles

  • Eat, Sleep, Listen, Repeat Customer Development

  • Experiments never killed anybody

  • Shameless is the new 'sexy'

Scale hacking

5th December (full-day)

Scale hacking for startups with initial traction

Participant Groups of 15 folks.

Discover the secret sauce of turning on the afterburners of your jet engine to skyrocket your startup.

Discuss thorny issues with similar stage peers—the hot baked, interactive learnings.

Curator : Bala Parthasarathy

  • Great Indian Street Fight selling successfully in India
  • Dancing with Elephants in the new flat world playing with global players
Customers buy benefits, not features
  • Quick Bites 1 : Writing Good Copy
  • Quick Bites 2 : Positioning for Getting Acquired
  • Quick Bites 3 : Using social media for sales, support and more
  • Quick Bites 4 : Get listed in TechCrunch for $0. Offer expires on 5 Dec.
The Forum Closed door powwow for selected Startups


Volunteering is like an open-source movement. You learn a lot, give back, and lean upon all your co-volunteers to make things happen.


  • persistent
  • persistent
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  • persistent
  • persistent
  • Microsoft

The PNCamp blog

  • Inside story on The making of #PNCamp

    The journey of doing something different for the software products ecosystem that started almost half year ago comes to climax as #PNcamp in Pune this first week of Dec 2013. Over 125 product […]

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  • This is just the beginning …..picture to abhi baki hai dost.

    For every successful movie one requires a huge team effort from the story writer, producer, actors and directors to the light guys, similarly for a startup to benefit one requires the vision […]

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  • Bass tu bhaag Milkha…(the third Cohort #PNCamp)

    Running a start-up is like running a marathon. It is not for instant gratification; it is not for short cuts; it is not for everyone. Completing a marathon needs planning, […]

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  • 90 minutes at #PNCamp and the PR Engine cheatcode is yours

    There's an empty slide in your deck reading user acquisition, which follows the slide showing hockey stick adoption. We'll grow virally! Three words that fill up the slide nicely. […]

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  • Women product leaders, may your tribe increase #PNCamp

    I am at San Francisco airport headed back to Pune and for two strong reasons I have renowned spiritual teacher, author, and lecturer Marrianne Williamson's quote ringing in my head […]

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  • Announcing the Second list of #PNCamp attendees

    Here's the second set of attendees and more will get announced as soon as we've collated the registration details. Stay tuned for the updates. […]

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  • Why should you attend the inaugural...

    The #PNCamp is the first Indian product event that brings together product professionals in a bootcamp format, designed to make you take away a wealth of information and actionable insight. […]

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  • Announcing the first list of #PNCamp attendees

    Announcing the first list of #PNCamp attendees

    Last evening was a really exciting one for Team #PNCamp. We've been cracking some goals we set for ourselves while building this bootcamp from scratch, and lofty as they were, […]

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  • Scale Hacking at #PNCamp:...

    The awesome #PNCamp volunteer team

    Putting up #PNCamp has not been easy. And the task is only half-done. Volunteering is like an open-source movement. You learn a lot, give back, and lean upon all your co-volunteers to make things happen. […]

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  • Scale Hacking at #PNCamp:...

    Scale Hacking at #PNCamp:...

    It's a conference….it's a summit….it's a camp! Being a startup ourselves, we constantly listen to our customers (who are startups as well!) and try and come up with initiatives … [...]

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  • PNCamp

    Experience. Peer. Learning.

    How can these 3 words go together? Experience is all about failing. We're competing with peers. And who the hell wants to learn ?? Allow me to sell to you – India's first true bootcamp for Product … [...]

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  • PN-Camp

    What India needs is a bootcamp for existing Product folks

    PNSummit just pivoted. But only in name. And it was to reflect the true nature of what this first-ever bootcamp for product folks is all about. Many ProductNation friends asked why it was called a Summit because… [...]

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  • Validation

    First Look – #PNCamp Day 1 (Discovery Hacking)

    Exactly a month away from the inaugural #PNCamp and as schedules and attendees are being finalized, we are getting a lot of questions about what exactly is going to happen on D-Days, especially since we I […]

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  • Customer

    Customer discovery meets Indiana Jones at #PNSummit

    If you have been to a iSPIRT Playbook Roundtable earlier, just type "Roundtable" when you fill in "Referred By" in the form." to "PNCamp is for qualified Product startups only […]

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  • First

    The first #PNSummit – Are you ready to report for BootCamp? Yes, that's right. BootCamp. For Product Leaders.

    It has been a pretty frenzied two weeks or so for us #PNSummit volunteers, but here we are, and we have something to show you and the world. 

But first, what went into it. We brainstormed. We chatted. We […]

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  • Pune

    What to expect in the first #PNSummit – 4th & 5th December, Pune

    The #PNSummit is going to be an event like none other. Volunteers who are from the Product community themselves, are putting it together and building it on the pillars of intensity, focus and exclusivity […]

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  • PnsLogo

    Next Gear into ProductNation Summit

    The journey is unstoppable. India has started building software products that the world recognizes… a far cry from the days when it was known only for software programmers and not for software. Through […]

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